I've Moved!

I've decided to move over to tumblr! All my downloads will remain here, but new ones will only be available on my tumblr. Download links will also lead to my tumblr. These changes will occur over time. Current downloads will be reposted to my tumblr, save for some, such as my dog breed revamps as they'll be getting re-revamped in the near future.

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Terms of Use/Rules

Terms of Using My Creations

I am very lenient and don't mind how you use my creations... to a point. Some of these are special to me but I still want to share them because I think others would enjoy them so I do have some rules regarding use of my work.

What You Can't Do

1. Credit me! I work hard on everything I create and don't want others taking credit for my work. 

2. Don't reupload. If you want to share the Sim/lot/etc, link back to my blog. Please do not reupload my work to your file host, the Sims Exchange, your blog, Sims fansites such as Mod the Sims or The Sims Resource, and especially do not try uploading to pay sites.

3. About modified versions: If you modify my Sims or lots, you can upload them as your own. For Sims, its fine if you, say, create a Sim based off mine then upload it. Changing parts of my lots, building new things or bulldozing other parts for large modifications is fine to claim as your own. Overall, as long as you made significant changes to my work, its now yours and you can upload them as such. Uploading my lots/Sims with little or no changes such as just changing a Sims shirt or hairstyle is NOT okay!

4. Do not use my work for racist, rated R, excessively violent, hateful, overly sexual, or similar things. Sure, you can do that in your game, but I would appreciate it if you don't use it for public displays. I don't support such things so I'd appreciate it if you didn't use them for this.

What You Can Do

1. No permission needed. You don't have to ask me to use my work.

2. Include my Sims in your households. If you upload a household to the exchange, for example, with one of my Sims in it, that's fine as long as you credit me for that one Sim.

3. Include my Sims or lots in your screenshots and stories. I don't mind my work being used for these. You don't need to credit me in your post/video, but I'd appreciate a link back here if someone happens to ask where the lot/Sim came from. Plus, I'd love to see your stories if you use my Sims in them!

4. Share. Feel free to share my lots and Sims with other but only as a link back to my blog, not as a reupload.

Excessive violations of my wishes could lead to me no longer sharing my work and taking down existing links to my work. Don't screw it up for everyone 'cause I'm not asking for much!

Confused, questions? Just ask or see if its been answered on my frequently asked questions page.

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