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Thursday, October 17, 2013

North Italy Hetalia

I've redone this Sim so many times, its ridiculous. I'm happy with him right now, so here is the updated version of my take on the Sim version of Italy from Hetalia. :)

In Game Name: Feliciano Vargas
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Type: Human
Hair Color: Reddish-Brown
Eye Color: Amber
Made on Game Patch: 1.57

Custom Content Needed:

To get the exact look of the screenshots, you'll need the following custom content. It is not included in the download of the Sim itself. He is packaged with default skin so the custom skin I used is optional.

Non Default Custom Skin: Eksin Natural Tan @ Mod the Sims
Clothing and Hair: Mediafire
Sliders: Jaw Line Width and Chin to Neck Slider

Games Needed:

If you're here from the exchange, know that he actually only needs the base game to get the look of the screenshots. Seasons, Generations, and Island Paradise are completely optional.

Download Sim

Here are some more screenshots. Why? Just because. 

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