I've Moved!

I've decided to move over to tumblr! All my downloads will remain here, but new ones will only be available on my tumblr. Download links will also lead to my tumblr. These changes will occur over time. Current downloads will be reposted to my tumblr, save for some, such as my dog breed revamps as they'll be getting re-revamped in the near future.

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Requests are currently: CLOSED

I take requests for custom made lots of any type, sims, and pets. There is no charge for any requests, ever. If you are interested, read on to find out more and make your own request.

What You Can Request: 


  • Sims of any age, gender, or race
  • Sims that use custom content
  • Sims that don't use custom content
  • Sims based on cartoon or anime characters, real people, or celebrities
  • Complete households of Sims


  • Pets of any age or gender
  • Horses, cats, or dogs
  • Pets with or without custom content


  • Community or residential lots
  • Lots of any size (including lots of odd sizes such as 19 x 36)
  • Community lots of any type
  • Community lots from any expansion

Request Limitations and Other Info

  1. I cannot create lots with tons upon tons of custom content or trees/plants. My computer sucks so too much detail can cause my game to crash. I can still put a lot of detail, just don't go crazy.
  2. If requesting a full household, it can be of up to 10 Sims and pets. These household can be without adults if you want.
  3. I will create any type of Sim. I will not reject one because of race, sexuality, or anything else.
  4. You do not have to credit me if you share them in stories/videos, but it would be nice. :)
  5. If you want a particular piece of custom content you want used on the Sims/pet/lot, I will use install it and use it. If its costs money to acquire (pay content/store content) I may not be able to use it (unless I already have it). For those types of content, just put them on the creation yourself when complete
  6. If you should take to heart any of this info, just please never, ever push me to complete your request. This is done for free, but I will try my best to work as fast as possible. I can work with deadlines (say its a birthday gift, or you want it for a holiday), but you must let me know of this beforehand.

The Expansions I Have

I have no stuff packs and will not be purchasing any, sorry. I do not mind using custom content. I can also use custom sliders if you wish or if I need to.

Further questions? Just ask in the comments below.

Ready to make a request? Fill out the info below and I'll let you know if I can do it. 

Powered byEMF Contact Form
Can't or don't want to have to share your email? Leave your request in the comments below with the same info in the form above. Include a place (such as your blog/website/deviantART/Sims 3 username, etc) for me to contact you so I can send you your completed request. I do not prefer this method, but I will accept it, Please use the form above if you can!

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