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I've decided to move over to tumblr! All my downloads will remain here, but new ones will only be available on my tumblr. Download links will also lead to my tumblr. These changes will occur over time. Current downloads will be reposted to my tumblr, save for some, such as my dog breed revamps as they'll be getting re-revamped in the near future.

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Is your work safe? Will it corrupt my game?
I make sure my game is free of bad custom content. I check everything I download that isn't from someplace I know well before installing it. I do not download from the exchange which has many downloads with bad custom content attached to them. Anything you download from me is perfectly safe and I only link to safe, trusted custom content and mods.

Is your work free?
Yes, I do not support paysites so I am not one. Everything is free to download.

Is this for the Sims2 or the Sims3?
All my work is made in and for the Sims3. I have the Sims2 but I don't create any custom work for it. Do not try to use my creations in the Sims2, it won't work!

Do you upload your work elsewhere?
This blog is where you can find all of my work. I upload a few things to the exchange here, but those are all available on my blog. I have a tumblr account here where I post random things, but won't upload to. I also have an account on Mod the Sims, but again, those can also be found here.

I do not, nor will I ever upload anything to The Sims Resource. If you see my work uploaded there or to any other account other than the ones listed above, let me know so I can take action.

How do I download something?
The link for downloading is at the bottom of each post after the info about the item and is a picture that says  "Download Sim" or "Download Lot". This will lead you to Mediafire (which is a completely safe site) where you can download the item.

Do I use the package file or Sims3Pack?
If the option is there, I will say so in the link to the item. Both will be in the downloaded file in a folder. You can choose whichever you want, but only install one! If you have launcher problems, the package file option would be best otherwise the Sims3Pack should be quick and easy.

What about .Sim files or Sims3Packs?
For my Sim downloads, I include a .Sim file and the Sims3Pack. The choice is up to you. A .Sim file would simply go into your Saved Sims folder, that's it. Sims3Packs would be installed as any other Sims3Pack, but just choose one option.

How do install a .Sim file, Sims3Pack, or Package file?
1. Extract the file to your desktop or other desired folder.
2. Double click the file and the launcher will open and automatically install the item.
3. To uninstall, click on the "Installed" tab of your launcher then find the item, check it off then hit "Uninstall" at the bottom of the launcher.

Package Files:
1. Extract the file to your desktop or other desired folder.
2. Go to "My Documents/Electronic Art/Sims 3/Mods/Packages" and put the file in this folder. If you do not have a "Mods" folder see this guide on Mod the Sims on how to set one up.
3. To uninstall it, simply delete/remove it from the folder.

Sim Files:
1. Extract the file to your desktop or other desired folder.
2. Go to "My Document/Electrontic Arts/Sims 3/Saved Sims" and put the file there.
3. To uninstall simply delete/remove the Sim from the folder.
Need more info on installing .Sim files? Read more on Mod the Sims.

I downloaded a Sim but his/her clothing isn't the same as in the pictures!
You'll need to download the clothing separately. Sometimes I use clothing from other sites or the Sims Store which may not and often doesn't come with the download. I include links to all the custom content you'll need in the post. Make sure you download and install it when you install the Sim.

Do I need a certain expansion/stuff pack to download something?
Sometimes. I list the expansions used in my content on its post. Note that technically, its not truly required because if you install the Sim/lot without one of the expansions, the things from that expansion will be replaced with base game default content. I will tell you if an expansion is really needed or not below the list of the expansions. If you do install without the expansions, though, the exact look of the Sim/lot could be lost.

I have World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Supernatural, Showtime, University Life, and Island Paradise so those are the expansions that may show up in my work. I do not have Seasons or any stuff packs. I also usually don't use store content. I try my best to make my work as compatible as possible.

Will these lots work on slower computers?
My computer barely meets minimum requirements and my graphics card sucks so I have to make sure lots don't have too many trees/plants, etc and try to use smaller lots to decrease lag so they should work fine on lower-end computers.

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