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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sora and Riku Dream Drop Distance Outfits

These would be the very first custom content things I've made. These are for my Sims found on my blog, Sora and Riku, since nobody has made their official outfits for the Sims 3 from any of the games. Despite my mediocre skills in creating custom content, I hope these will suffice. 

Sora's Shirt and Shorts:
The black, grey, and red parts are recolorable. The white details are not.
The red, black, and white areas are recolorable. The belt and buttons are not.

Riku's Top:
The white, yellow, and black areas are recolorable. The symbol on his back is not.

Known Issues
Riku's Shirt:
- There's some clipping with some animations The bigger the body build, the more clipping there is.
- There is a small hole in the collar of his shirt, exposing skin. It isn't too noticeable though.
- From a distance, his hands may look like a weird "spider-like*" thing. This is because something's up with the way the shirt's lower quality meshes are. I'm not experienced enough to know how to fix this. It's only at distance (sky view, or if standing far from the camera) though so it should look find upclose. This is what it looks like.

Sora's Outfit:
- The shirt has the same "spider hand" at a distance thing as Riku's shirt above.
- When angling the camera from below, it looks like there is no body under his shirt. Unless you're keeping your camera under your Sim's all the time, this shouldn't be noticeable. Working on fixing this in my spare time.
- His short's are just an exact clone of the cargo shorts already in the game. I only added the extra color channels so the short's have no issues.

Other Info:
These outfits are enabled for Young Adults and Adults. Males only.
- Soras top can be worn for Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear, Athletic, and Career. It is vaild for maternity and has the proper morph for it, you'll need a mod that allows male pregnancy such as NRass Woohooer.
- The bottoms can be worn for Everyday, Swimwear, Athletic, and Career. They are also valid for maternity.
- Riku's top can be worn for Everyday and Formal.

Games Needed:
Riku's shirt is a clone of a basegame jacket so it is base game compatible.

Sora's shirt needs the Showtime expansion as it is a clone of a Showtime shirt as it was the best fitting option. It will not work without the expansion! His shorts only need the base game.

If you have better skills than me, you may edit these but please credit me for the original if you upload them!

Download at my tumblr: http://cresties-sims.tumblr.com/post/76084023845/sora-and-rikus-dream-drop-distance-outfits

*Note: Despite the odd appearance at a distance, the shirts are not the same as bad custom content  you may see which distorts your whole sim, makes them go invisible, sticks itself into other downloads, or just overall borks the game. 
This content is still safe to use.
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