I've Moved!

I've decided to move over to tumblr! All my downloads will remain here, but new ones will only be available on my tumblr. Download links will also lead to my tumblr. These changes will occur over time. Current downloads will be reposted to my tumblr, save for some, such as my dog breed revamps as they'll be getting re-revamped in the near future.

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Broken Links

Are the links to any of the custom content down? Is the original creator nowhere to be found?

I link directly to the blogs/sites/etc of the creators of the various custom content I use on my Sims or lots since its common courtesy to do so. In the event that the links or websites of these creators go down, I am willing to provide alternate links to the custom content that is missing. I will try to find an alternate page (such as a new link from the creator's new site if they make a new one) or just upload them to my Mediafire account myself if the creator is just gone for good.

If a link is ever down, let me know in the comments below and I'll see about finding an alternate link. I don't test links regularly myself so its up to you to let me know. Just let me know what Sim/Lot it is and which piece of custom content is down.

Good link fix requests: 
"The link to the hair for Sora is down."
"The link for the collar on Miley is broken. Can I get a new one please?"

Bad link fix requests: 
"I can't download Sora's custom content!" (This doesn't tell me what exactly is broken)
"The black cat's collar link is down." (This is very vague on which Sim it is. I could have multiple black cats for download)
"fix Miley's collr link plzzzzzzz?!??!?!?!!!!!one!!!!!" (This is just horribly written and irritating)


  1. The link to the Sora download is missing. Not the Dream Drop Distance one, but the original one.

  2. the link to sora (ddd) Riku and their outfits download says its missing when i download it from the download pages it tells me when i press them that they cant be found would you kindly reupload them i want to use them in my game again


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