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Monday, October 14, 2013

Roxas' Outfit

This outfit is just clones of base game pants and a showtime shirt that I made new recolorable channels and overlays for. These do not override or conflict with the existing versions in game. They have been tested and no problems are found with these.

I am aware these aren't exact, but they are close in design and still better than substituting random content from the game to create his look. These are not new meshes.

The Top:


- They are both available for everyday, formal, athletic, and outerwear. 
- They are not valid for maternity or random Sim use.

Games Needed:
The pants only need the base game. 
You need Showtime for his shirt. Sorry, but it was the only one that looked closest to his real top.

Please do not reupload! Link back here to share this!

Download Outfit


  1. Great work! I also like your other creations :-) Can I have the permission to convert this shirt for teens? Cause my actual Roxas is a teen and I don't want him to grow up now along with Hayner, Pence and Olette.


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